Military Humor with Rodney Delosantos

We love men in uniform almost as much as men who have a sense of humor! In this episode, navy veteran Rodney Delosantos discusses what is funny to those who are in the military, stoicism as a philosophy, and books that he recommends to live a disciplined and meaningful life. Super fun interview, check him out here:

Hawaiian Humor with Kaina

Kaina is a native of Hawaii who has now moved to LA to pursue her acting and modeling career! We first met at a Long Beach improv and hit it off since! You will learn what Hawaii is like and how to connect with those who are from the islands and of course learn how to work with the beautiful Kaina!

Asian Persuasion Comedy with Jason Rogers

I promise you Jason Rogers is Asian

I am very excited to welcome Jason Rogers, he has performed alongside Adam Ray and Russell Peters and Jo Koy and has a very interesting back history of being a Korean adoptee, a former drug dealer, commercial real estate agent, and much more!

He is also a trooper for even being sick and making it on this interview, you know with that Asian work ethic he’s gonna make it big, hear him before he’s too expensive for you here:

Latin Language & Classics Humor with Desiree

This is a VERY special episode to me because I interviewed with someone who I have known since I was 14 years old, THE Desiree Landry Bonetto, we used to all joke that she was going to be a Latin teacher and LO AND BEHOLD, after 4 years of taking Latin in high school, taking Classics at UCI, she is now a Classics and Latin teacher at a private all girl’s school!

In this episode we talk about nerdy Latin jokes, The Aeneid, why a classics’ education is important, what makes a great teacher, and how to stalk her on social media/Instagram @deslands

You will really enjoy this episode, if you went to Palm Springs High School from 2004-2008 please also leave a comment!

Enjoy the interview here:

Crazy Sexy Funny Brazilian Humor with Jacqueline Alves

Sexy crazy funny Brazilian comedian Jacqueline sits down with me to discuss what Brazilians find funny, what it’s like being a foreign comedian, working in the software technology world as a woman, her advice for beginning comedians, humor style differences between Americans and Brazilians, and her hilarious stories, listen here if you want a Brazilian significant other! And follow her on Insta @thejackiejoy!

Real Estate Investing Humor with Nikita McDaniel

My guest is a very HILARIOUS and smart real estate investor, she is also a mother of 4 and a former Baltimore cop, she shares SO MUCH wisdom in this interview it’s absolutely mind-blowing, she is an author and someone who I absolutely admire.

Check out Nikita McDaniel and her views on real estate investing, we also discuss polygamy, how our vagina and skin color communicate with our brains, and what personality types should go to what types of investing:

How to Marry Up with Carrie Stanfield

I am very excited to welcome a beautiful blonde bombshell who is also a very amazing relationship coach and wife and mother, she is also my relationship coach and she is highly recommended by me, THE Carrie Stanfield!

In this episode you will learn what to look for in a quality man who is going to marry you and love you for life, and what red flags to avoid when it comes to dating, especially for the woman who is ready to have it all–the house, the car, the dog, the husband, the children, the dog, even the JET!

You’ll love this episode, check her out here:

Class Clown Humor with Kenan Kaya

Very excited to welcome the very charming and funny Kenan Kaya on today’s episode of Class Clown Humor.

Get inside the mind of someone who’s been funny since young, and learn how he filled a room when he was first hosting the top secret comedy show in Irvine.

Catch him performing at various OC/LA open mics and shows, you won’t want to miss this naturally funny and talented comedian!

Follow him @turkodelight for more!

Internet Millionaire Humor with John Chow

The very wealthy and very funny internet multi-millionaire John Chow joins us today to discuss everything from how he called Warren Buffet and met Michael Dell and Bill Gates at a party, to how to build a million-dollar empire with $10, who would win in a Trump vs. Trudeau fight, and gives me some advice on how to find the right man as well as some parenting tips. You don’t want to miss this episode, it will change your life.

Mental Health Humor with McKenna Jarrell

Are you dealing with depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, Aspbergers, or any mental health issues?

You are well on your way of becoming funny! In this interview with the beautiful and funny McKenna Jarrell, we discuss mental health humor, check out the video and audio here:

Check out the audio here: