Salsa Dance Humor with Xiu of OC Salsa

Awesome interview with the amazing XIU of OC Salsa, she is an incredible dancer as well as beautiful and hilariously funny, we talk about how she got into salsa dancing and what to do and what not to do on the dance floor. Seriously great interview and it’s something that everyone should try at least once! Check out the interview below:

Conservative Humor with The Funny Republican @thefunnyrepublican on Instagram

A very brave man, The Funny Republican, agreed to be interviewed for this episode on conservative humor. @thefunnyrepublican is a white man who played basketball for a historically black college and he has decided to remain anonymous to protect his job but we discuss some very important issues over a few laughs. One of my favorite interviews ever and hopefully you will resonate with at least some things that are happening politically in America after listening to this very intelligent man. Conservative Humor with @thefunnyrepublican follow him on INSTAGRAM!

Animal & Pet Humor with Susan Tenney

the incredibly talented and funny Susan Tenney graces today’s episode! She works internationally as a teacher, writer and practitioner of Shiatsu and Five Element Acupressure for animals. She blends massage, acupressure, stretching, movement exercises and lifestyle modifications to improve animal health and performance. Her clients have included the Swiss Equestrian Team and two gold medal-winning United States Equestrian Teams. She is the author of Basic Acupressure for Horses and a growing line of laminated mini-posters. Susan offers clinics in Europe and the U.S., and leads a certification program in Switzerland.

She also gives some tips on how to relax your animals and we talk shit about Cesar Milan. Check out the awesome interview here:

Vietnamese Jew on the Business of Comedy with Khai Ngyuen of Vietpholife


Khai Ngyuen, Vietnamese Jew (yes, ethnic Vietnamese adopted by Jewish parents) and former Wall Street employee turned standup comedian who also hosts the Padded room Podcast which is WAY better produced than mine, AND he edited this audio file also!

Khai gives some great advice on getting booked from the business perspective of it and talks about how to be a reliable and dependable comedian who gets consistently booked. One of my favorite episodes with an entrepreneurial comedian who just gets it. Check him out at !

Wealth in Christianity with Beverly Walthour

The #1 business coach for Christian women!

Today is one of my favorite episodes! We discuss Wealth in Christianity with Beverly Walthour! She is the author of Tying the Knot Between Ministry and the Marketplace: Mastering the Mountains Through Our Spiritual Influence, and we discuss how Jesus was the best entrepreneur of all time. check her out here:

Homeschooled Humor with Hunter Johnson

He grew up with the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and Ronald Regan

Hunter Johnson is a very funny comedian who was home schooled! He shares his experiences growing up, what advice he has for homeschooling parents, and he discusses why he started stand up comedy! Follow him around OC and LA to hear him tell jokes and follow him on insta @hunterthedude !

Nurse Humor with Margaret Olat, MSN RN

The wonderful, beautiful, and hilarious Margaret Olat, MSN RN joins us today on the discussion of NURSE HUMOR! She is my sister from another mister, and also the founder of Potter & Ink, which helps consultants and coaches with their content marketing as she is an incredible writer.

Margaret holds a double BS in Health Services administration emphasis in Long Term Care and also a gerontology emphasis in health services administration, so you know who I am going to when I am getting old!

We also discuss her upbringing in Nigeria and what she finds funny, so many inside jokes I missed during this but you will really love this interview if you are not humorless and pass this onto your nurse friends to watch:

Software Engineer Humor with Microsoft Employee Muying Chen

Wow I am so amazed to introduce my next guest, she is a Microsoft software engineer who graduated from UC Berkeley who also worked as a network engineer there, the wonderful and beautiful AND genius Muying Chen, who shares her experience as a female minority in a traditionally male dominated field and her advice for fellow software engineers who want to work for amazing companies such as Microsoft and we also have some fun around how she looks at problems and some favorite comedians and of course me asking her dumb questions. Check out her amazingness here: