Mixed Martial Arts Humor with Ron Scolesdang of Team Oyama

Very excited to have the very strong and funny Ron Scolesdang of Team Oyama on today’s show!

He talks about how to be in amazing shape, his daily training routine, what it’s like being a husband and Dad, and tips on how to lose weight as well as training at Team Oyama in Irvine.

He also is an entrepreneur and does a million things and does an INCREDIBLE job in social media and you can learn more about him at https://scolesdang.com/ !

Financial Advisor Humor with Winnie Sun

Amazing interview with the hilarious, smart, and beautiful Winnie Sun, who talks about her journey to becoming a financial advisor.

She talks about how she supported herself throughout her college days at UCLA, and how she was able to quickly rise to the top as a new financial advisor who was hired based on 2 quotas and how she was able to use her merits to rise to the top of the firm and also how she started her own business while balancing family.

She shares some great financial advice for everyone and you can check her out at at http://winniesun.com/ !

Always Know What to Wear with Nina Vir CEO of Daily Dress Me

The incredibly stylish and beautiful Nina Vir, the CEO of Daily dress me, discusses how she started her startup and her advice on how to always look great! She discusses her entrepreneurial background as well as her Indian heritage and you will learn tons from her on how to be resilient, systematic, and make your dreams come true! Check out www.dailydressme.com so you always know what to wear with the weather!

Golf Humor with Ken

A PGA professional who has chosen to remain anonymous discusses golf humor! Ken is an incredible golfer and someone who is extremely knowledgeable in the sport, and talks about his experience as a golfer and a golf teacher and how he moved from Michigan to California and what advice he has for me to find a rich golfer and how other golfers can improve. Check out the interview here:

Marine Humor with Paul Landman

Salute these heroes to our country! Very funny comic Paul Landman talks about Marines humor and what makes him laugh. What is so epic about this interview is how real it is because he was literally called for duty and we had to cut the interview short but he is hilarious and amazing and super inspiring, follow him @paullandmancomedy !

Filipino Humor with Jay Aquino

Filipino American comedian Jay Aquino discusses what makes his people so hilarious and amazing. He is a great comedian and is pretty much the opposite of me, he has resting smiling face and is someone to watch in SoCal. Awesome interview and make sure to follow him on Insta @thejayaquino !

Russian Humor with Maria Timonina

Get ready for some Russian interference because this Russian beauty, actress, and writer is going to blow your mind! Maria Timonina talks about how she started in LA and what it’s like being Russian-American, we talk about our favorite sport, man-hunting, and she has some amazing insight about how to make it in business while doing what you love, she is one to watch in LA and you can follow her on Insta @ maria_timonina !