Princess of Baghdad on Iraqi Humor with Reem Edan

The Princess of Baghdad, Reem Edan, graces today’s podcast where we talk about Iraq humor! She is as hilarious as she is stunningly beautiful, and we talk about how she shifted from working in movie marketing to pursuing her dreams as a comedian and actress and writer! She has performed at various amazing venues in SoCal as well as at colleges around the country. Listen to this amazing interview, she’s one of 3 Iraq comedians in the USA so this is a rare gem. Follow her on insta @reemedan!

Fundraiser Humor with Elaine Lou Cartas

Awesome interview with the incredible fundraiser and coach Elaine Lou Cartas!

Elaine Lou Cartas is a business and career coach, speaker and #1 Amazon best selling author of “You Are Meant for More”, serving clients in over 21 different countries

Elaine specializes in helping women of color entrepreneurs land their dream career and business opportunities through authentic relationships both online and offline. As a result, clients have received $25k raises, transitioned into new careers and created their own global businesses.

Elaine has over a decade of experience as a political grassroots organizer, and nonprofit fundraiser. One of her proudest accomplishments was raising $1 million in student scholarships in 6 months, providing 200+ scholarships. Today, Elaine is the founder of the Color Your Dreams Movement™, an initiative to inspire and support 1 million women of color create their dream business and life by 2025.

She has been featured in Forbes, Badassery Magazine, and Pasadena Magazine, and Good Morning La La Land. She has spoken around the world including Sweden and Indonesia, as well as Universal Music Studios. She leads monthly community events in the Los Angeles area. She lives in Pasadena, California and loves boxing.

Check her out at!

Disability Humor with Alex @Glamputee

The very handsome Alex @glamputee talks about disability humor in this episode! Lots of important topics addressed and he talks about how he fights for his cause and those of us who are different in the world. Amazing interview and a must listen, check it out here:

Yoga + Zumba Humor with Karen Salgado

My Zumba instructor Karen Salgado talks about Yoga & Zumba humor in this great episode! We talk about the cult that is Zumba and her experience going from casting people in LA to becoming a yoga and zumba teacher in Palm Springs, CA. Awesomely fun interview with a beautiful instructor, check out the interview here:

Breast Cancer Humor with Sharon Henifin

Sharon Henifin discusses her breast cancer journey and the ways that she’s helping other patients and family and friends and loved ones get the support that they need in order to get through this time. Very amazing interview that I wish I had while my Mom was going through this, and highly recommended listening for anyone who is battling this and to heal, check out the interview here:

How to Be Rich + Famous in 2020

It’s yours truly for today’s episode! I go hard on what it takes to become rich and famous so that you can afford Anna Wintour’s clothes for yourself or for the lady in your life. I am in the process of creating Funny Millionaires School which will reveal my secrets of how I was able to:

Go from:

No English to a TEDx speaker

How to Win Toastmaster’s Humorous Speech Awards

How to Produce 100 Podcast Episodes in 60 days

How to Network with Celebrities in Your Niche like I did with William Hung of American Idol

How to make money doing what you love

How to become famous very quickly using hate marketing

and much more

Check out the podcast here:

Sales Humor with Justin Kusumowidagdo

Justin ‘Kusu’ Kusumowigado (even his name brings joy) is an amazing sales professional who runs 7 AirBnBs and has worked with Grant Cardone to 10x his revenue and those around him. You will be amazed at his infectious energy and his relentless drive and his work ethic (he was doing FB lives and selling homes on Thanksgiving) so if you’re ever wanting to be inspired and to get your sales team pumping, listen to this interview, and check out Justin here:

Jiu-Jitsu Humor with Ray & Rich of the Doing Too Much Podcast

We got some kickass black belts in the house for today’s episode on Jiu-jitsu humor!

I loved having Ray and Rich discuss what Jiu-jiutsu is and their amazing friendship is evident throughout the episode (not gay if you don’t make eye contact) and you will really enjoy this episode as well if you have a sense of humor and are looking to get in shape while learning how to defend yourself and those who you love.

Check out the Doing Too Much Podcast on insta @dtmpodcast