The Viral Video That Got Me Banned

So Puto Antonio banned me and I wanted to share the actual video that got 100,000+ views within 2 weeks.

Puto claimed the owner banned me for. Funny how you can find these things out and call out liars. Enjoy the video, not for snowflakes or brittle spirits:

p.s.: If I die from homicide, it will probably be him, it’s what his people do.

How My Client Got Her H-1B Visa to Work in the USA

Believe it or not I actually give career advice to people and it works.

My client has chosen to share her story throughout the H-1B process and to protect the privacy of her company has chosen to stay anonymous.

She is one of my super star clients and one of the skilled immigrants that America absolutely needs, and no matter if you are an American or an immigrant I hope you learn from her how to persevere no matter what through getting into America and working THE RIGHT WAY!

Million Dollar Branding with Minling Chuang

Awesome interview with the top branding expert online, Minling Chuang! She did my branding for my previous business and she is a wealth of knowledge because she designed for multi-million dollar brands and you will learn a lot from this amazing USC graduate who has propelled some of the top female entrepreneurs to the stratosphere!

Indie Music Humor with Emily Rose

Super excited to welcome the beautiful and talented Emily Rose who is here to talk about Indie music and her confidence coaching business!

We discuss her business by day and how she helps people step into their power and what she does as an indie musician.

Check her out at @zigtebra!

Logistics Humor with Adebayo Adeleke FRSA, FCIPS

Awesome interview with the Nigerian veteran Adebayo Adeleke who is a logistics business owner! We discuss everything from our immigrant experiences, the Nigerian ban (as of Feb 2020) and how you can do what you love and expand like he did in his decades in the logistics business. Awesome insight into a field that touches everything we do including Amazon and Uber and pretty much everything that involves moving things. Check out his interview here:

Improv in Business with Brenda Glim

2 of my favorite things–improv and business! Brenda and I met at a rotary club and we discuss how she started the Corporate Recess Improv group and how you can incorporate more FUN into your teamwork which will directly translate into more profit and productivity! Check out the interview here:

Aviation Law Humor with Jon Morse

Ever wonder what happened to Kobe’s airplane? (RIP)

Jon Morse, aviation engineer turned lawyer explains a lot about airplanes and how to be safe as well as his journey into becoming a standup comedian. We met at Flapper’s while at Judy Carter’s Comedy Bible Workshop and we had a blast there as well as in this interview!

Awesome interview for the lawyers and aviation nerds, check it out here:

Solo Female Travel Humor with Jelonda

Jelonda is an amazing world traveler who has been all around the globe as a solo female and in this interview you will learn so much about her journeys and if you are someone who’s always been afraid to travel and wanted to learn more from someone who you can relate to, this is a great interview for you as you get to know best tips and practices and safety measures while enjoying your trip, check out Jelonda’s insta @jelondaadnolej and her site at !