100 Days in Comedy

Ok so this was recorded literally 20 minutes after I was banned from 2 more mics in Orange County, one Puto banned me for going viral online with 100,000+ views on Youtube so he got jealous and made up some lie about how I was not allowed on the premises, one Retardo literally said “You’re too negative, girl”, which he totally had the right to do but it just felt really sad and not righteous to me. Oh well, sexist and racist hosts are all around OC so I don’t give AF, I am way more successful than all of them so I don’t really care any more.

So if you are a minority female understand that you will be discriminated against in Orange County so you have to be extra in their face about it and call it out when they are banning you for no reason other than the fact that you are a female and not white.

Anyways, hope you see how stand up comedy is on the other side of the coin, I advise minority females to also have multiple streams of income (but not a prerequisite) and to also switch into motivational speaking which basically uses the same skills of stand up but where you will likely be more compensated and actually hired FOR the diversity and gender quotas instead of being banned for being who you are.

Comments, thoughts? Would love to hear other people’s experiences in stand up, no matter what you look like!

Recruiter Humor with Cathy Trinh

I am so in love with this woman, Cathy Trinh is not only a gorgeous lady but also a recruiter who is a thyroid cancer survivor and a role model for me.

We had so much fun during this interview, we talked about everything from how to run a successful business to being able to conquer a cancer that was threatening everything in her life and how to come out on top. Amazing woman, check out the interview here:

Daycare Business with Natasha Finister

Very excited to have the wonderfully nurturing and beautiful Natasha Finister on the show! She talks about how she started her daycare business, how to look for a good one for your children and what challenges she’s overcome in her business. Awesome interview check out the episode here:

Gamer Girl Humor with FreyaFox

Gorgeous gamer girl FreyaFox joins us today to talk about what it’s like being a woman in gaming and how she was able to build her international business, her tips for gamers and what her personal favorites are.

Awesome chat with someone who is killing it in the game, she also is affiliated with Facebook gaming in the past and you will learn tons about the female side of gaming and how you can actually get us to talk to you instead of scaring women away (unless that’s what you want, in which case the gaming world has already achieved and done this very well) check out the interview here:

Business Law with Amira Irfan

Amira Irfan, amazingly beautiful and amazing business lawyer extraordinaire and 6 figure business owner explains what online business owners need in order to protect themselves and to setup business correctly so that they can serve customers in peace while also avoiding any costly mistakes and prevent them way before they occur.

Check out her site here: https://aselfguru.com/

The New Feminine with Chloe_ of the Hypergamous Life

The beautiful genius Chloe_ of The Hypergamous Life graces Funny Millionaires Show with her amazing advice for modern women on how to find love and fulfillment and talks about her incredible group which I am a part of called The New Feminine Finishing School!

Chloe_ runs an incredible Youtube channel that has changed my life, she is smart (with an NYU mater’s degree) hilarious, and a great source of how to be a modern woman who is loved and supported by men who are providers and protectors.

Check out what she has to say about what mistakes modern women tend to make in the game of love and how you can become a modern feminine woman with her own goals and dreams as well as the loving husband and children that can help you create the amazing life you deserve:

Boba Bitches with Audrey + Linh

Boba Bitches of the viral instagram @bobabitchess graces today’s podcast as we discuss everything from being a foodie in Southern California to millennial culture to what they find funny. Very funny girls who also started a project as a joke just like I did for this site, and who totally pwned it and made it viral. Follow the amazing Audrey and Linh on Insta @bobabitchess !

1 Million Views on Viral Videos with Richy Sheehy

How do you get 1 million views on a viral video? Richy Sheehy will show you how! In this episode, this Irish singer songwriter and comedian talks about how he posted a soccer video that went viral, how he uses digital marketing principles and his advice on the Edinburgh comedy festival and a TON more!

So glad I met this awesome comedian at Laugh Factory during the 7 hours we were out there camped! Check him out at https://www.richysheehy.com/ !

Astrology Humor with the Business Mystic, Aliza Rose

THE Business Mystic, the gorgeous and amazing Aliza Rose joins us at the Funny Millionaires show to talk about everything that is spiritual and woo woo about business, life, and more!

We go into my natal chart and dive into some DEEP stuff in this interview. If you are someone who believes that spirituality is very important in business (as do I), you absolutely have to check out Aliza Rose, she is the founder of Business Mystic, click here to check her out and book your reading

Humor that Works with Andrew Tarvin

Author and humor engineer Andrew Tarvin drops his wisdom on how to use humor at work in this episode!

We talk his experience in corporate and how he was able to become a corporate humorist and also be able to travel internationally helping organizations such as the Red Cross and United Nations learn how to use humor to increase happiness and productivity at work

One of my favorite episodes ever, you will really love this fellow INTJ !

Grab his book here: Humor the Works