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The Serious One-Sheet-Bio:

Li Lin is an award-winning Toastmaster’s Humorous Speech winner, TEDx speaker, author, coach, and stand-up comedian who has performed at the World Famous Comedy Store on the Kill Tony Show with Kevin Smith, Ron White, Jeff Ross, Tony Hinchcliffe, and the Laugh Factory at Hollywood, as well as at Fourth Wall, where Dat Phan, the champion of Last Comic Standing performs.

She is an international speaker who is available at conferences, events, associations, and shares her point of view of always “digging for the diamond” during situations where there is high-pressure. She specializes in the following topics:

  1. No English to TEDx Speaker
  2. Rejected to Resilient
  3. Laughter as the Best Medicine
  4. How to Win Using Your Weaknesses
  5. Stand-Up Comedy in Business & Life

She will also use her 5 years of entrepreneurial experience and her years at UC Berkeley to custom-craft an entertaining and educational speech that is sure to leave your audience captivated and ready for more, either eager to do business or invest in your organization and to make sure it is an unforgettable experience.

Li Lin Performing at the Laugh Factory

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Not-So-Serious Origin Story:

How FunnyMillionaires.com Began:

This site started off as a joke.

After my divorce, I was complaining to my friend about how I was never going to marry for love again, and only for what really matters –money.

He suggested that I create an online membership site where only millionaires are allowed.

So I tried searching for domain names since I also recently started stand up, and lo and behold, www.funnymillionaires.com wasn’t taken!! In 2019!!!

So I immediately registered, and started the interviews.

The rest is history.

Not-So-Serious Bio of Li Lin

Li Lin’s Chinese name means black horse of the forest. Her mother went through an Indian phase while naming her.

Li Lin is the Founder and the Host of the Funny Millionaires Show and School.

Born in Shanghai, China in 1990, Li Lin really messed up by coming to the USA in 2000, when the Chinese economy was taking off.

Now she has to listen to Chinese Uber drivers talk about the problems they have with their 4 houses and while she has to WORK.

However she is the 30th generation descendant of Genghis Khan and loves to conquer and dominate, thus her life mission is to spread Funny Millionaires, where you can do what you love, making the money you deserve while excelling at your craft.

She went to UC Berkeley and graduated in 2012 with a degree in Urban Studies, so please excuse her lack of critical thinking skills.

Shockingly, TEDx talks has allowed her to give a speech on the topic of Perseverance.

200+ clients have worked with her in the past to land their jobs, helping them go from confused international students to employees at Google, Facebook, EY, and other top companies in the USA. 

Where Her Clients Go to School:

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She is also the author of The Employed Immigrant: How to Land Your Next 6 Figure Dream Job in the USA. 

But who cares what Li has to say about herself!

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I travel to conferences with a press pass and do clean corporate & have a clean set that I will work with to make sure you and your organization has a good time while not being fired by HR.

I currently live in Orange County. (yes, everyone acts exactly like The Housewives.) And I am willing and able to travel if you pay me, as with all things.

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