Vietnamese Jew on the Business of Comedy with Khai Ngyuen of Vietpholife


Khai Ngyuen, Vietnamese Jew (yes, ethnic Vietnamese adopted by Jewish parents) and former Wall Street employee turned standup comedian who also hosts the Padded room Podcast which is WAY better produced than mine, AND he edited this audio file also!

Khai gives some great advice on getting booked from the business perspective of it and talks about how to be a reliable and dependable comedian who gets consistently booked. One of my favorite episodes with an entrepreneurial comedian who just gets it. Check him out at !

Wealth in Christianity with Beverly Walthour

The #1 business coach for Christian women!

Today is one of my favorite episodes! We discuss Wealth in Christianity with Beverly Walthour! She is the author of Tying the Knot Between Ministry and the Marketplace: Mastering the Mountains Through Our Spiritual Influence, and we discuss how Jesus was the best entrepreneur of all time. check her out here:

Homeschooled Humor with Hunter Johnson

He grew up with the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and Ronald Regan

Hunter Johnson is a very funny comedian who was home schooled! He shares his experiences growing up, what advice he has for homeschooling parents, and he discusses why he started stand up comedy! Follow him around OC and LA to hear him tell jokes and follow him on insta @hunterthedude !

Nurse Humor with Margaret Olat, MSN RN

The wonderful, beautiful, and hilarious Margaret Olat, MSN RN joins us today on the discussion of NURSE HUMOR! She is my sister from another mister, and also the founder of Potter & Ink, which helps consultants and coaches with their content marketing as she is an incredible writer.

Margaret holds a double BS in Health Services administration emphasis in Long Term Care and also a gerontology emphasis in health services administration, so you know who I am going to when I am getting old!

We also discuss her upbringing in Nigeria and what she finds funny, so many inside jokes I missed during this but you will really love this interview if you are not humorless and pass this onto your nurse friends to watch:

Software Engineer Humor with Microsoft Employee Muying Chen

Wow I am so amazed to introduce my next guest, she is a Microsoft software engineer who graduated from UC Berkeley who also worked as a network engineer there, the wonderful and beautiful AND genius Muying Chen, who shares her experience as a female minority in a traditionally male dominated field and her advice for fellow software engineers who want to work for amazing companies such as Microsoft and we also have some fun around how she looks at problems and some favorite comedians and of course me asking her dumb questions. Check out her amazingness here:

Greg Giraldo Book Author on How to be a Trophy Husband with Matt Balaker

Matt Balaker, author of Greg Giraldo: A Comedian’s Story, talks about how to be a trophy husband in today’s podcast!

We talk about his former life as an investment manager, studying at USC and UCLA, how he met his Dr. wife, advice for millennial men and his 2 sons, and what it was like researching for Greg Giraldo’s book and how he met amazing people who collaborated on this effort.

He’s awesome, read and buy the book by clicking here The Greg Giraldo Book: A Comedian’s Story

Taekwondo Humor with Logan Ramirez

Very excited to welcome my next guest, who is THE Taekwon Daddy, Logan Ramirez, who runs an amazing podcast and who started Taekwondo when his 4 kids started as well. We discuss which kid will take over when he dies, and we also discuss how to build fighting Taekwondo machines and the different rankings in this fun interview. I might have been bested since he never really laughed in this interview and you will really enjoy this if you are into this art and any other martial arts, check out !

E-Commerce Millionaire in a Maserati with Ellen Lin

Move over Coffee with Comedians it’s ELLEN LIN + LI LIN TIME!

E-commerce millionaire Ellen Lin of sits down on Funny Millionaires to discuss how she went from an animator struggling in 2009 because of the financial crisis to launching a million dollar e-commerce business and how she built a million dollar coaching business teaching others how to run their own eBay, Amazon, and e-Commerce business by teaching them how to find the most profitable business niche to start.

Check out this awesome interview here:

How to Roast Battle with Netflix Writer Alex Duong

He writes 100 jokes a day bitches!

Asian sex symbol and roast battle champion AND Netflix writer Alex Duong explains how a roast battle works, what it’s like working with Jeff Ross on a Netflix show, what he’s up to, tips for Asian comics etc. Probably one of my favorite comedy specific interviews on the writing process and the mindset of comedy! You can stalk him @dapperduong !

Celebrity Podcaster in 4 Weeks with Li Lin

You are the real star

Is starting a podcast one of your goals for 2020?

If you are someone who always has gung ho enthusiasm starting out the gate but never have finished many projects in the end, I have something for you.

In 4 weeks I will personally take you from zero podcast to getting a professionally designed graphic, intro music, and 3 episodes lined out the gate ready for Apple Podcast and Castbox and Youtube and other distribution channels.

I will also teach you how I got celebrities from American Idol, Laugh Factory, Hollywood Improv, and Multi millionaires from finance to engineering to dentists to lawyers on my podcast when I just started out.

I will show you what equipment to use and what equipment not to use and how to get started right out the gate.

This will save you years of frustration and thousands other podcasters waste on equipment they don’t need and not being able to get quality guests on the show or know how to promote so that you can get the maximum amount of celebrity exposure your podcast deserves.

Interested? DM me for details, I will work with you to have a customized plan for your new podcast !