Life Coach Humor with Brooke Kalan

She’s hot AND she’s rich

The beautiful, blonde, and rich Brooke Kalan graces our podcast today discussing what it’s like being a life coach, how she went from a therapist making $30K a year to doing a $60K launch with her mastermind, and how she teaches her clients to do the same. Amazing interview with her, she’s so smart I can’t even ask my dumb questions. We also discuss the pyramid scheme industry aka the life coaching industry. check her out at

American Idol Humor with William Hung

That’s right it is THE American Idol William Hung who’s on this episode discussing what he’s been doing since 2004, what it was like studying engineering at Berkeley (Go Bears!), his speaking and coaching career and his new book that’s out Champion by Choice! Follow him on, and listen to the interview:

Millions in Months with Luisa Zhou

My Millionaire mentor Luisa Zhou shares with us how she hit 7 figures in a few months with her online coaching business, what it was like working with Luisa for me, and who she finds funny as an Asian female millionaire who is making huge waves in the space. We also talk how to find the next rich husband for me and she also shares how you can work with her! Check out so that you can quit your job next and start your own business!

Military Humor with Rodney Delosantos

We love men in uniform almost as much as men who have a sense of humor! In this episode, navy veteran Rodney Delosantos discusses what is funny to those who are in the military, stoicism as a philosophy, and books that he recommends to live a disciplined and meaningful life. Super fun interview, check him out here:

Hawaiian Humor with Kaina

Kaina is a native of Hawaii who has now moved to LA to pursue her acting and modeling career! We first met at a Long Beach improv and hit it off since! You will learn what Hawaii is like and how to connect with those who are from the islands and of course learn how to work with the beautiful Kaina!

Asian Persuasion Comedy with Jason Rogers

I promise you Jason Rogers is Asian

I am very excited to welcome Jason Rogers, he has performed alongside Adam Ray and Russell Peters and Jo Koy and has a very interesting back history of being a Korean adoptee, a former drug dealer, commercial real estate agent, and much more!

He is also a trooper for even being sick and making it on this interview, you know with that Asian work ethic he’s gonna make it big, hear him before he’s too expensive for you here:

Latin Language & Classics Humor with Desiree

This is a VERY special episode to me because I interviewed with someone who I have known since I was 14 years old, THE Desiree Landry Bonetto, we used to all joke that she was going to be a Latin teacher and LO AND BEHOLD, after 4 years of taking Latin in high school, taking Classics at UCI, she is now a Classics and Latin teacher at a private all girl’s school!

In this episode we talk about nerdy Latin jokes, The Aeneid, why a classics’ education is important, what makes a great teacher, and how to stalk her on social media/Instagram @deslands

You will really enjoy this episode, if you went to Palm Springs High School from 2004-2008 please also leave a comment!

Enjoy the interview here:

Crazy Sexy Funny Brazilian Humor with Jacqueline Alves

Sexy crazy funny Brazilian comedian Jacqueline sits down with me to discuss what Brazilians find funny, what it’s like being a foreign comedian, working in the software technology world as a woman, her advice for beginning comedians, humor style differences between Americans and Brazilians, and her hilarious stories, listen here if you want a Brazilian significant other! And follow her on Insta @thejackiejoy!