How to be a Funny Lawyer with Kendra Stephen, Esq.

Kendra Stephens Esq, the FUNNIEST LAWYER IN THE UNIVERSE, joins us today discussing trade marks, intellectual property, her hilarious children, and how she went through law school and MBA SCHOOL YES and how she lands billion dollar clients, celebrities you know, just a day in the life of a normal lawyer. Amazing hilarious jokes and the BEST INTERVIEW IN THE UNIVERSE! Check it! How to be a Funny Lawyer with Kendra Stephens Esq. click to listen to the interview!

Republican Humor with Deanne Tate

Deanne Tate is the chair of the Board for Veterans Outreach OC and it has helped provide housing to over 8,000 homeless veterans. She is absolutely hilarious and amazing as she recounts her time volunteering for the Goldwater Campaign, Reagan campaign, and what it was like meeting Trump and her campaign on helping Peggy Huang’s election in Orange County. She’s also an author and has a sense of humor unlike you snowflakes. She’s amazing, listen to this episode to learn more about how to be smart like a Republican.

Comedy Pimping with John Benitez, Host of Long Beach Comedy @ Harvelle’s

John Benitez the man!

Comedy Pimp with John Benitez Host of Harvelle’s Burlesque Comedy Nights explains how he chooses which comedians he puts on at Long Beach comedy and which he doesn’t his favorites, and we talk about many up and coming local comedians and you will learn more about his amazing life in casting and also what advice he has for new comedians. Listen to it now! And also check out Long Beach Harvelle’s open mics!

Black Girl Millionaire Magic with Danetha Doe

It’s Danetha Doe, bitch!

Danetha Doe is the best guest I’ve had on this show. Yeah I said it guys, you gotta step up your game!

Among the many reasons why I love Danetha Doe is not only because she is gorgeous (she used to be an NFL cheerleader), but also because Wallstreet Journal and Fast Company all said she is a better financial expert than your accountant, that’s right, she runs literally The Future of Accounting podcast which I love, and I’m not even an accountant that’s how freaking amazing she makes the subject matter.

I remember signing up for her Money & Mimosas newsletter and I love her blend of wisdom and practical tips and talking like a BFF on it, and it’s absolutely changed my view on money.

We talk about what life is like as a female minority in the finance industry and I also ask her what it’s like being ahead of Megan Markle by 10 years for dating her redhead fiancee.

The best interview ever, I cannot wait for you to hear this it’s gonna change your life, check her out here at

How to be a Funny Dad with Ramon Hernandez

Who’s your Daddy? Ramon is!

I am very excited to welcome an amazingly hilarious father, step father, and host of the step father’s mic at Father’s pub, he is an incredible comedian very hilarious and he shares some amazing takes on what it is like raising 4 boys and what advice he has for beginning comedians and MCs. Check him out on insta at lastonthelist_comedy !

How to Make More Money as Parents with Mychal Connolly

What’s funny about diapers and poop? The fact that you can make money from any problem. In this very entertaining and educational interview we welcome the very HANDSOME and SMART and RICH Mychal Connolly of Stinky Cakes, a diaper company that enables parents to gift diapers without looking crazy. He shares some amazing business tips and you can also find him at !

How to be a Funny Indian with Rajiv Satyal

Look at how happy he makes his beautiful wife!

Rajiv Satyal, THE FUNNY INDIAN, opened for the Prime Minister of India in front of 17,000 people and had Russell Peters open for his wedding–if that’s not Indian enough for you, he also studied engineering before he went full time into comedy. His podcast Tan Gent is amazing and you can hear more of his comedy at !

Life Coach Humor with Brooke Kalan

She’s hot AND she’s rich

The beautiful, blonde, and rich Brooke Kalan graces our podcast today discussing what it’s like being a life coach, how she went from a therapist making $30K a year to doing a $60K launch with her mastermind, and how she teaches her clients to do the same. Amazing interview with her, she’s so smart I can’t even ask my dumb questions. We also discuss the pyramid scheme industry aka the life coaching industry. check her out at

American Idol Humor with William Hung

That’s right it is THE American Idol William Hung who’s on this episode discussing what he’s been doing since 2004, what it was like studying engineering at Berkeley (Go Bears!), his speaking and coaching career and his new book that’s out Champion by Choice! Follow him on, and listen to the interview: