Black Girl Millionaire Magic with Danetha Doe

It’s Danetha Doe, bitch!

Danetha Doe is the best guest I’ve had on this show. Yeah I said it guys, you gotta step up your game!

Among the many reasons why I love Danetha Doe is not only because she is gorgeous (she used to be an NFL cheerleader), but also because Wallstreet Journal and Fast Company all said she is a better financial expert than your accountant, that’s right, she runs literally The Future of Accounting podcast which I love, and I’m not even an accountant that’s how freaking amazing she makes the subject matter.

I remember signing up for her Money & Mimosas newsletter and I love her blend of wisdom and practical tips and talking like a BFF on it, and it’s absolutely changed my view on money.

We talk about what life is like as a female minority in the finance industry and I also ask her what it’s like being ahead of Megan Markle by 10 years for dating her redhead fiancee.

The best interview ever, I cannot wait for you to hear this it’s gonna change your life, check her out here at

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