Consultant Humor with Veronica Sagastume

I met the amazing Veronica Sagastume in Austin during a business conference and I immediately fell in love with her down-to-earth warmth, humor, and was absolutely blown away by how professional and amazing she was in her consulting business and how much she’s helped her clients go from offline consultant to rocking and online and location free business while making tons of money!

And here are here incredible crednetials–she has had 20+ years of experience as a Corporate Executive in Accounting, Finance & Business Operations working with Startups and Emerging Growth companies in the Silicon Valley

In the past 9 years, she’s built a very successful consulting practice as a Business Consultant for some exciting & booming companies in Silicon Valley. Her clients’ industries have ranged from professional services to software to manufacturing drones. She’s helped them grow in revenue, increase gross margin performance, and build the infrastructures to handle that massive growth.

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