How to Do Over with Ralene Berry

Amazing interview with an incredible woman who has worked in technology and ministry for decades, the amazing Ralene Berry!

She shows you how you can make a do-over and despite some tech issues in the webinar she is the epitome of showing you how to make it work!

Check out the interview and check out her site at!

Keeping Kids Healthy During Quarantine with Carrie Flint

Are your kids driving you insane? Maybe it’s not the curriculum but because you are not getting them moving!

Carrie Flint, a great former PE educator, teaches through neuroscience how you can get your kids moving without trashing the entire house and how you can devise simple ways to get your kids moving so that they can live their healthiest during this time.

Check out her site at !

No Money Marketing with Akshay Goel

No money for marketing? No Problem!

Akshay Goel, who has taught 100,000+ students in his Udemy courses, teaches you how you can market with no money in this awesome training, and he also shows you how you can market with NO MONEY, check it out here:

From Eeek to Excellence with Deanna Becket

Awesome interview with the lovely Deanna Becket who discusses how you can develop your character during crisis.

She talks about how to use the traditional DISC test to find out what personality type you are and gives some great examples from our most beloved movies.

Check her out her:

Stay Healthy During Pandemic with Amanda Danielle

During this time of quarantine, your health should be your #1 priority.

Did you know that trapped emotions can also cause your body harm?

Learn from a former massage therapist and healer on how you can bring your body back so you can do everything else in your life.

Go to for more information!

How to Get 84 Rolls of Toilet Paper in 7 Days with Marty Dickinson

A rich man during crisis everyone!

Is this really the only way to get your attention? Do we as marketers really need to stoop to this level? Well, unfortunately, Yes and Yes! And, here’s why….

I have long claimed the premise that the reason so many businesses, New Year’s resolutions, marriages, and goals fail…and now add to the list…why something like the #Coronavirus can make buying $300 worth of toilet paper suddenly becomes our top priority, is because you and I have become very confused in how to figure out what we want.

It seems like such a simple question, “What do you really want?”

But, over the past 6 years and more than 600 conversations starting with that question, only 2% could answer the question with any precision. The run on TP further solidifies my claim that what we really want is not “more money” or “a promotion at work” or “a better marriage” or “freedom” or even to “avoid sickness.” Our primary want may even be a higher need for us than survival itself!

Have you guessed what it is yet? Come to today’s 30-minute session at Day #2 of 18 of the Virtual Live “Virus-Free Virtual Virtuosos” where I am the only presenter today.

It’s just 30 minutes, it’s interactive, and it’s FREE! I’ll be suggesting you go get my new book, “Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want in Business and Life…and Get it Too” (which you can get the digital version for free with an Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited subscription) at Other than that, I will have *no special offer* or pitch.

Take a short break from the “gloom and doom” conversations and come hang around some really positive people (I met many of them yesterday in the event’s first session) who are already planning for some serious action in their lives…even in the midst of challenging times.

Register now to get the Zoom link and sit in on EVERY session for the next couple of weeks, with multiple speakers covering a variety of inspiring subjects. I hope to see you on Zoom today at 5:00 P.M. Pacific, 6:00 P.M. Mountain, 7:00 P.M. Central, 8:00 P.M. Eastern.

Two Ways to Register:

1. Go to to the main event page here:

2. If you are already connected to me and you’re a bit weary of giving your name and email out to someone you don’t know, I’ve setup a page of my own that will have the same Zoom login and announcements. Go to

Marty Dickinson

CEO of Here Next Year grab a copy of his book here: