What I’ve Been Doing for the Last 7 Months

Besides hiding in the bushes of my neighbors’ bougainvilleas…


Did you notice I was gone from Funny Millionaires for a while??

Besides dealing with you know what since March, I’ve decided to revive this site after many internal and external battles of whether I should be continuing in standup comedy or not, I’ve decided to keep Funny Millionaires the SHOW going for the purposes of meeting awesome people and just seeing how far I can get to a Netflix special.

I will give an advisory to anyone who is considering entering the world of comedy to absolutely be VERY clear about you want to get out of it, and to steer clear of comedians who have nothing to contribute to the world except to tell a newcomer to quit, and to tell them straight to their face they aren’t funny without expecting some sort of 100x backlash in return.

Being in standup comedy has taught me how degenerate people can be, and my decision to continue performing is in spite of what I may be told, that I look like a Chinese factory worker, that I would never get to roast battle at the Comedy Store, that I would never be able to get a netflix special, that I was too ugly to be a gold digger, and many other things that I will not reprint here but you guys get the message.

I didn’t want to be a little b who pussied out of difficult things because I truly MISS performing and I truly enjoy speaking and now with my new rules of simply not talking to anyone I find not serious about their craft, I think I will be ok.


Here’s a bit of a rundown of what I did the last 7 months, and with President Trump out of Walter Reed now at the time of this writing, I am confident that we can beat this pandemic!


March is my birthday month, I turned 30 when everyone was going through a national emergency shut down 🙁

The golf course closed down during the last parts of March and would not reopen until early May.

During this time I also had my Funny Millionaires English and Chinese book versions out,


I tried my hand at Doctor Millionaire because I wanted to help out our real heroes during this time, and did some Twitch livestreams, I tried really hard to adjust to the culture there but after realizing it was a bunch of broke trolls I decided I was going to go all in on my Youtube channel instead.

I also did 2 Teleseminars at this time with some National Speaker’s Association peeps and had a lot more fun connecting with more serious people


Lots and lots of caricatures! I finally got my iPad and Apple Pencil and I was happy to finally get back to a bit of my artistic roots, I drew almost 3 caricatures a day and it was good to use this month to relax a bit.


I decided to try my hand at helping out UX/UI designers because I had problems reconciling with continuing to stay in the immigration field with no guarantee it would continue or not.


After being blocked by the Comedy Store, I wasn’t going to give up on seeing whether I was going to be a truly good roast battle person, so I was able to start that and won 9 consecutive battles. Being raised in a Chinese immigrant has prepared me well.

I also started a Humorous Speakers meetup as the lockdown was getting more to me I realized I needed to have a solid group of local people I could share my knowledge with. 1st meetup was full of really solid people and I was glad to get back into the meetup game that had a more expanded audience instead of only successful immigrants which was my previous focus.

I also got color charted and stylized so I felt more grown up and confident in my style and finally felt like I was able to really feel like I belonged despite previous insults about my appearance from being in standup.


I started my 401(k) and started investing!

I got Superchat enabled in Youtube so I could take donations

I also took an Understanding Men course which also clarified what knowledge gaps I needed to fill.


I decided to bring back Immigrant CEO school because I finally reconciled that I could be a conservative and also support immigrants. MOST successful PEOPLE period ARE conservative and I will not be shamed by another side to not do what I am called to do by God.

Got another lifestyle photoshoot done, and decided to lose some of the quarantine weight

AND went back to open mics again, even though I was rusty it just felt good to be back again.


In the middle of it now, but finally went out to Karaoke, went to see a standup comedy show, finally golfed in basically a YEAR at a beautiful course, and back to living more of a normal life

Phew! It feels like 20 years compacted in one but I am in general proud of what I have achieved in the last 7 months, wrote 2 books in 2 languages, did 2 tele-seminars, upgraded my personal style, started a meetup group, won 9 zoom roast battles, started a 401(k) and investing, started drawing again, and in general 2020 has been one of the best years personally for me.

How was your 2020 so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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